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KnuKonceptz KCA 4 Gauge TRUE 4 Gauge Amp Kit Installation Wiring Kit {1}
KnuKonceptz KCA 4 Gauge TRUE 4 Gauge Amp Kit Installation Wiring Kit {2}
KnuKonceptz KCA 4 Gauge TRUE 4 Gauge Amp Kit Installation Wiring Kit {3}
KnuKonceptz KCA 4 Gauge TRUE 4 Gauge Amp Kit Installation Wiring Kit {4}
KnuKonceptz KCA 4 Gauge TRUE 4 Gauge Amp Kit Installation Wiring Kit {1}
KnuKonceptz KCA 4 Gauge TRUE 4 Gauge Amp Kit Installation Wiring Kit {2}
KnuKonceptz KCA 4 Gauge TRUE 4 Gauge Amp Kit Installation Wiring Kit {3}
KnuKonceptz KCA 4 Gauge TRUE 4 Gauge Amp Kit Installation Wiring Kit {4}

KnuKonceptz KCA 4 Gauge TRUE 4 Gauge Amp Kit Installation Wiring Kit

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KnuKonceptz KCA 4 Gauge TRUE 4 Gauge Amp Kit Installation Wiring Kit

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KCA 4 Gauge Complete Amp Installation Kit
KnuKonceptz KCA-K4 amp kit contains all parts required to install a car audio amplifier. Components include: KCA 4 gauge power wire (18FT) KCA 4 gauge ground wire (3FT) Bassik 2 Channel Twisted Pair RCA (17FT) & 14 gauge speaker wire
The KnuKonceptz KCA power & ground wire included within this amp kit feature oversized Copper Clad Aluminum (CCA) conductors. Using larger than American Wire Gauge specifications allows our KCA Kable to handle similar loads as OFC cables in a more cost effective package.
All hardware is included to properly terminate and secure your amp installation kit. The In line AGU fuse holder includes an 80A fuse.
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Amplifier Installation Kit Parts List
Amp Kit Type Complete Wire Gauge (AWG) 4 Gauge
Power Wire Length 18 Feet
Ground Wire Length 3 Feet
Conductor Material Copper Clad Aluminum
Speaker Wire 14 Gauge - 20 Feet
RCA Cable 2 Channel - 17 Feet
Fuse Size/Type 80A AGU
KnuKonceptz KCA 4 Gauge Complete Amp Installation Kit includes:
Power Wire: 18 Feet 4 Gauge Ultra Flex Blue KCA
Ground Wire: 3 Feet 4 Gauge Ultra Flex Black KCA
Fuse Holder: In Line with 80A AGU Fuse
RCA Cable: 17 Feet Bassik Twisted Pair 2 Channel RCA
Remote Wire: 17 Feet Blue Turn on lead
Speaker Wire: 20 Feet Bassik Black 14 Gauge Speaker Wire
Terminals: 4 Gauge Gold Plated Ring Terminals(2), 4 Gauge Gold Plated Spade Terminals(2)
Wire ties and bushings Back to top Additional Information
Oversized vs Other CCA Cable
Our Kolossus Copper Aluminum (KCA) series cable was designed specifically to be larger than the competition. Copper Clad Aluminum is less conductive than Oxygen Free Copper when comparing like sized conductors. CCA however is also much less expensive. So by increasing the area in our KCA cable, KnuKonceptz was able to achieve similar performance to OFC, but without the higher cost.
For this exact reason is why our cable is larger, to achieve similar performance, for less money. The graph below shows, based on area, our cable is at least 40% larger than comparable brands.
Bassik RCA Cable - Simple and Solid
Oxygen Free Copper construction.
Twisted Pair Geometry for noise rejection.
Ultra Flex, soft touch PVC allows this cable to fit in tight places.
Simple color coded channel identification.
Gold plated RCA connectors
Plain and Simple Specifications
Wire type - CCA or OFC These materials are commonly used, but not commonly stated when shopping online. Know what you are purchasing. Both metals are capable of performing up to their rated loads.
American Wire Gauge Wire gauge is crucial to powering your system correctly. Undersized cable will create unsafe conditions and may shorten your amplifier's life.
Max Load (amps) Wire's ampacity changes with gauge and materials. KnuKonceptz does not rate cable based on watts. Amplifier manufactures do not always truthfully state the output of their product, check your on board fuses!
True American Wire Gauge (AWG) Products
Using American Wire Gauge standards, the gauge of stranded wire is determined by the total area of the conductor.
To calculate this you would take the area of each strand and add it together. This area, in square mm, then determines gauge.
Diameter is not as critical with stranded wire, this is due to the tiny air gaps between each strand. Diameter may fluctuate with strand size and how tightly wound the rope of the cable is.
The smaller the number, the larger the wire, until you reach zero or aught
0). From zero, you then have double aught (00 or 2/0), three aught (000 or 3/0) ...
Based on AWG, the true gauge of this cable is 3 Gauge, larger than traditional 4 gauge
Copper Clad Aluminum - Best Value
Copper is the best conductor, but the price, Oversized CCA is the best value.
For nearly 50% less cost, you get 2/3 the current capacity of OFC
Always follow the manufacture's max rating on battery cable.
Excessive loads will cause more distortion in amplifiers, create more heat and will shorten the life of your electronics
Proper termination is crucial for an increased life span.
Back to top Product FAQ Q: How many watts can this amp kit handle? A: At KnuKonceptz, we do not use
watts" to rate our amp kits. This is a very inaccurate method to determine what the proper gauge wire required for your amp installation. There are many amp manufactures and not all of them represent the output of their product accurately. Please refer to your amplifier's fuse rating, this is a number a manufacture can not fake, well they could but it would put their product in harms way! Add up the fuses on the end of your amp (two 30A fuses = 60A total draw) If this number is under 80A, this kit will fit your application. If over 80A, a larger gauge wire would be required or use our Kolossus Flex 4 gauge amp installation kit Q: Can I alter this kit in any way before purchasing? A: Our amp kits are made in large batches to reduce cost, which is passed onto you. We can not alter them in any way. Should you need to make alterations, you would have to purchase the items individually from our shopping cart. Back to top Related Products
KnuKonceptz KCA 4 Gauge
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KnuKonceptz Bassik Speaker Wire
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KnuKonceptz Bassik  RCA Cable
Adding a 4 Channel Amplifier or need a short matching cable, we have it.
KnuKonceptz 4 Gauge Pin Adapter
Plan on disconnecting your amp frequently? Use these Pin connectors to prevent cable damage.
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